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Performance Selling, LLC | Somerset, NJ

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Our Process

How We Work With Clients

Sandler is the only training methodology to utilize ongoing reinforcement training to produce lasting, measurable improvement.

The Meeting

Every client has different issues and priorities. We need to understand the problems to be addressed, the client’s capability and commitment to eliminate them, industry specific issues that make these problems unique and ultimately confirm that both parties believe there may be a fit.



Employees, managers and executives do not respond to training and coaching uniformly. Our assessment process determines who can sell, who will sell, who is “trainable”, potential for improvement/ROI, primary areas of focus and areas to de-emphasize. In addition to individual reports, the Overview (required for firms with multiple salespeople) identifies company trends and hidden weaknesses and cultures that are undermining key sales initiatives.

Assessment Review

Company executives are debriefed on the assessments (and Overview when applicable). Both parties mutually agree if on-going reinforcement makes sense and appropriate training and coaching agendas for “trainable” participants (i.e. consultants, salespeople and managers). 

100% Management Buy-In and Participation

Training or coaching initiatives fail without sincere support from management. Managers must not only participate in specific segments; they must also agree to reinforce the fundamental concepts during their reviews, discussions with consultants, salespeople and prospective hires.

A common sales methodology is essential for Sales Managers to coach, mentor and hold salespeople accountable and share best practices to optimize team performance.  We will implement a common process so that sales, marketing and technical support all understand each other’s playbook.

On-going Reinforcement

Changing habits and thought patterns with prospecting, closing, pricing and sales management is not a one time event. While we constantly introduce fresh concepts for salespeople or consultants, fundamental strategies are always reinforced to insure genuine change in technique, activity and attitudes for selling strategy or tactics.

Professional Service Providers Free Session

Activity Tracking and Accountability

Goal setting is only as effective as the habits and activities generated to support the committed goals. Tracking specific activities reinforces goal commitments, confirms progress and establishes benchmarks for future employees and consultants.

Tailored Coaching & Industry Specific Training

Everyone learns at a different pace. Top performers, managers and executives usually learn at a faster pace and request advanced support quickly.  Low performers (with potential) require more basic reinforcement and time to absorb concepts. Since top performers and managers learn faster, expect to see improvements with your top performers before you see improvements with your bottom performers. It’s unlikely that your bottom performers will ever entirely ‘catch up’ to your top performers.


ROI Analysis

Sales improvement must be measured in growth of sales, profitability, client retention and productivity. While most clients initially look for top line growth, there is more than one key metric to “good selling”. Length of sales cycle and improved pipeline management should also be closely monitored

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We apply our foundational philosophy to all our training and consultative services:

  • Sales Training

    Takes our nontraditional approach of constant reinforcement for lasting change, whether applied to individual sales professionals or entire sales teams.

  • Corporate Training

    Enables large, global or national companies to achieve their goals, whether for Sales, Customer Service or Management/Leadership.

  • Leadership Training

    Helps managers and business leaders at any level of an organization become more effective.

The Definitive Path to Sales Mastery

Continuing with our commitment to effective, scientific and methodical sales training, Sandler Certification delivers measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient.