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If you have ever studied the Power of Goal Setting or The Law of Attraction, you are aware to the universal strength of knowing exactly what you want.  If you haven’t studied these concepts pick up one of the classic movies, Field of Dreams or Under the Tuscan Sun which demonstrates these concepts very clearly.

How does this apply to the struggles many companies have with Hiring and Recruiting?  Think about it, unless you have a specific, documented description and model of the ideal candidate that will fit the position, how will you be able to identify them?’

This model should list specific characteristics required for the individual to succeed in the job.  To begin the process you must first list all the functions of the position.  Next list the behaviors, attitudes and techniques (skills) necessary to fulfill those functions.  Finally, create a Team Matrix to see how the person will need to interact with the team (or lack of team) that is currently in place.  Once you have this information you can now start building the model which is a list of competencies and characteristics needed to succeed in the position.

We use the acronym SEARCH to design our model, which stands for Skills, Experience, Attitude, Results, Cognitive Ability and Habits.  Once you have this model together you can now use it to structure your job ads, hiring screens, resume review, interview questions and selection criteria.  We also continue using the model after the fire is made for onboarding and growth of the individual.

Without a clear and current model you might as well flip a coin and as they say, you get what you get and don’t get upset.  Unfortunately, studies show that the cost of a bad hire is 5-7 times base salary.  Maybe it is worth getting a little upset!


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