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No, you are not in the next episode of Back to the Future, but your selling activity today, is for the coming year. If your selling cycle is 60-90 days or more, the opportunities you are working on now will not bare results until after the beginning of the New Year.

It’s time to update your goals, business and professional. If you wait until the holiday break, you will be already 2-3 months behind. 

To get started, the first step is to write a vision of your life in the most positive terms at the end of 2017. That’s right, dream a little. Pretend you are looking backwards over the past year. What was your income, what new relationships have you formed, where did they come from? This process helps you establish your vision and the goals that support it.

The next step is to work backwards to build a strategy and action plan based on our BAT –Success Triangle.  What Behaviors, Attitudes and Techniques do you need to change?  As we all know you cannot get different results in business or life by doing the same thing over and over again. Albert Einstein taught us that in his definition of crazy.

After you list the core Behaviors (Actions), Attitudes (Beliefs) and Techniques (Skills) define the type of changes necessary in terms of More, Better and Different.

The final step is to find help through either a trainer, coach, mentor or accountability partner. If you could have made the changes without help, you already would have, so stop deceiving yourself.

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