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How to Succeed at Selling Remotely

Is your sales team ready?

Our international experts hosted a webinar series about how to succeed at selling remotely. 
Learn how to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth with a virtual selling process.

Designed for business owners, managers & salespeople

Watch this educational session to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth as we reveal a virtual selling process where you can control the outcome.

  • How to create a successful mindset in uncertain times
  • How to avoid or disband common remote selling pains.
  • Best practices for pre-call planning, in-session etiquette, post-call follow-up, and managing stress.
Selling Remotely Webinar

Four-Part Event Series


  • How to Succeed at Selling Remotely

    Mike Myers & Mike Montague


  • How to Succeed at Learning Remotely

    Bill Morrison & Mike Montague

  • How to Succeed at Managing Remotely

    Antonio Garrido & Mike Montague

  • How to Succeed at Selling in a Bear Market

    Mike Myers & Tim Sanfino

Achieve Your Goals

As an executive, business owner, sales manager, or salesperson, it's time to pivot so you can make the most out of remote selling. 

  • Mindset

    What leadership behaviors will enable your people to thrive?


  • Planning

    How are you holding your team accountable to their performance goals?


  • Follow Through

    How do you track revenue goals without interrupting positive team patterns?


Sandler Strategies for Success

Education for salespeople, sales leaders and business owners who want to set goals and succeed.


Mike Myers

Mike Myers

Sandler Trainer

Mike's dynamic training style and sales skills have been developed through his experience in selling technology products and services to Fortune 500 companies. Mike has a proven track record in consistently exceeding both sales and profitability goals in a variety of challenging environments. In addition to working in over twenty different industries, over the last fifteen years Mike has developed a specialized practice working with telesales organizations in the technology industry.

Bill resized

Bill Morrison

Managing Director, Corporate Accounts EMEA

Bill Morrison brings a life-time of international business experience to his clients with an unrivaled track record in helping them create programs that deliver real commercial results. Prior to Sandler Bill led sales and marketing teams around the world in industries from aerospace with Rolls Royce, top chemicals with Akzo Nobel to performance fabrics with W.L: Gore, the manufacturers of Gore-Tex (r).

Antonio Garrido

Antonio Garrido

Sandler Trainer

Antonio Garrido is a charismatic and experienced trainer, speaker, consultant and author in the areas of sales, management, and strategic planning. Using the proven Sandler techniques and methodologies, Antonio is well known for his expertise in developing and training powerful sales strategies and tactics – his clients learn how to win more sales, in less time, while creating a common sales language and dynamic prospecting culture.


Tim Sanfino

Tim Sanfino

Sandler Trainer

For the past twenty-two years, Timothy Sanfino, has operated one of the most successful sales and management Sandler Training facilities in the Americas. His client list includes both national and international organizations such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley Investments, TD Bank, MASS Mutual Insurance, Goodyear Rubber, Martin Marietta, and Cemex, as well as, hundreds of other small to midsize companies.

Mike Montague Webinar

Mike Montague

Global Head of Content

Mike Montague shares his knowledge and expertise by way of social media and other avenues with quality content and resources designed for sales professionals and managers all over the globe. He is also an accomplished writer, contributing to the Sandler book, LinkedIn The Sandler Way, business magazines, and the Sandler Blog.

Succeed at Selling Remotely

How to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth with a virtual selling process.