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Performance Selling, LLC | Somerset, NJ

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Jim Barnoski

President of Performance Selling, LLC.

Focused on helping people succeed

A dynamic, enthusiastic speaker certified in the proprietary selling system developed by David H. Sandler, Jim informs, entertains and motivates leadership and sales teams to achieve their full potential.

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Jim Barnoski

Jim has over 25 years of sales, management and training experience, and has helped build, train and restructure sales organizations in various industries including information technology, engineering, accounting, publishing, insurance, finance, banking and manufacturing. 

Jim’s authentic, real world approach to the sales process speaks to visionary business and sales professionals who want the freedom that success brings. By leveraging over two decades of Sandler experience, and by focusing on buyers’ and sellers’ attitudes and behaviors, not just their techniques, Jim’s clients achieve superior selling results.

Associated with Sandler Training since 1996.

Specifically Jim focuses on helping people succeed by transforming attitude (via the principle that 90% of success resides between the ears), behavior (what daily accountabilities lead to success?) and technique (what should be said or done at each individual step of the sales process to produce a positive outcome?) 

“Sandler training is working and I barely have a moment to spare. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my sales life. I have control, I have confidence, and I have a measurable system. I’ve set more appointments with less calls than ever before. I’ve lost almost all my cold call anxiety. Being able to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and not be afraid or feel like I have to ask permission to do my job - that alone is worth its weight in gold.

Sandler is the best buying decision I have ever made.”

Alexis L. Evans, Business Development Executive
Manifest Solutions

Connect with Jim Barnoski

Jim is a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler national business solutions Blog, as well as a recognized expert in the Somerset, NJ area.