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Starting Buyer-Focused Sales Conversations With Sandler

Learn how to hook the attention of your buyers with what matters most, beginning a sales conversation that leads to more viable opportunities.

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Hook the attention of your buyers with what
matters most and start a sales conversation that
leads to more viable opportunities.

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your buyer. This critical moment can capture their interest, establish equal business stature in the relationship, and set the stage for a mutually-beneficial sales process. Or, it can kill your sale before it ever has a chance to develop. In fact, 60% of people find generic sales pitches irritating. Most salespeople are overly enthusiastic and use resume-style hyperbole when trying to get a buyer’s attention. However, Sandler has discovered what savvy salespeople already know.

To be successful, you must make the conversation about the buyer’s needs, not your credentials, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to properly introduce yourself and your company in a way that drives engaging sales conversations. Learn Sandler’s four steps to a powerful, buyer-focused, 30-second value proposition and craft yours alongside our experts. This lesson is designed for salespeople and their leaders who are struggling to fill the top of the funnel and close enough business from their inbound leads.


Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain why making your value proposition more about the buyer will lead to better engagement.

  • Articulate problems the buyer is facing and how their solution will differ from their competitors.

  • Complete the Sander 30-Second Commercial Creator to craft their own messaging.

  • Understand the importance of coaching, independent feedback, and practice.

  • Ask hook questions to engage the buyer in a mutually-beneficial discussion about the situation.

  • Create a one-sentence introduction to set the stage for a conversation about the buyer’s needs.

  • Understand the importance of the manager's role in starting interesting sales conversations.

Make the first 30 seconds count and learn how to craft a powerful and pain-filled value proposition.